How can I drill safely?

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This is a specialist tool

Answered by Farrah, Electrical Safety Expert

This is a specialist tool. Make sure you follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully!

It’s a good idea to put on a pair of goggles when drilling. If you’re going to be drilling for a long period, you might also want to consider ear protection.

Avoid wearing long sleeves, baggy clothing or dangling jewellery that could get in the way. You should also tie long hair back.

Always unplug the drill before inserting or removing the drill bit.

Never try and pick the drill up by the cord, drill bit or trigger.

If you’re drilling into loose material (for example a block of wood), always secure the item with a clamp or another heavy object.

When drilling, apply light, steady pressure to push the bit into the material; if you find you’re having to press hard to drill the hole, you’re probably using the wrong bit.

Make sure you start at a low drill speed, and only increase it if the drill isn't moving smoothly.

Drill bits can get very hot during use, so make sure you give it time to cool down before touching or storing it.

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