How can I use my nail gun safely?

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This is a specialist tool

Answered by Dave, Electrical Safety Expert

This is a specialist tool. Make sure you follow the manufacturer's instruction carefully!

When you’re using a nail guns, nails can get deflected and splinters can also start to fly around, so be sure to wear the proper eye protection, gloves and a dust mask.

If you’re using an electric nail gun, always keen the cord well out of the way.

Make sure you position yourself safely – that the nail gun is pointing away from you, and that your hand isn’t anywhere near the firing line.

When operating, ensure you press the nail gun firmly against the surface before smoothly pressing the trigger.

Don’t hold the trigger while carrying the gun as you may accidentally fire it.

Remember that the gun’s not a toy – never fire it at someone as a joke as they could get seriously hurt.

Unplug the nail gun and remove nails before cleaning or storing away.

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