I would like to install a small sink in front of a wall where the main electric cable to the house is together with the electric meter. If I boxed the electrics in would this be acceptable?

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If the room does not contain a shower or a bath then the general wiring rules apply

Answered by Dave, Electrical Safety Expert

If the room does not contain a shower or a bath then the general wiring rules apply. General guidance for consumer units and accessories is to avoid positioning a consumer unit immediately above or alongside a sink and where space exists an accessory should be located beyond a drainer.

A minimum distance of 300mm, measured horizontally from an electrical accessory and/or consumer unit or distribution board to the edge of the bowl of a sink or wash basin opening is considered acceptable for the purposes of avoiding splashing from using a sink, or wash basin.

The same guidelines should be applied to the meter. Remember when boxing in that all electrical equipment is required to be accessible for operation, inspection, testing, fault detection, maintenance and repair.

For this type of work, we would always recommend that you use a registered electrician. This gives you the peace of mind that if something does go wrong, the work is insured and their scheme operator can help you if you are not satisfied.

You can find an electrician local to you here.

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