Nitecore D4 Digi Charger - UPDATED - COUNTERFEIT PRODUCT Recall

28 April 2015


Risk of electric shock due to inadequate construction.


Battery charger supplied in yellow, black and white packaging - see images.

Input: 100-240V AC. Output:4.2V DC/3.7V DC/0.375A.



What To Do

Update: 28/04/2015 11:30

We have confirmation from the manufacturer that this is a counterfeit product - authentic Nitecore products are not affected

The products in question are easily identifiable by a spelling mistake on the product packaging - on the bottom left of the front of the packaging "Worldwide" is mispelt "Worldwidc" - see images. If this is the case then this product is counterfeit.

Statement from Nitecore:

Nitecore Material Discrepancy Declaration

We, Sysmax Industry Co., as the manufacturer and lawful rights owner for NITECORE brand and all products associated with the brand, have become aware of counterfeit NITECORE products circulating on the market, namely our Digicharger model “D4”, as revealed by Electrical Safety First on, where the product in question has been allegedly accused of falling short on several safety requirements in regards to quality and design flaws.

As the brand owner, it is in our best interest to uphold our reputation and our rights, we would like to take this opportunity and bring into the attention of the general public that, the particular unit evaluated by Electrical Safety First is in fact a counterfeit NITECORE product of dubious origin, which we can confirm with complete certainty.

With reference to the photos published on, we have identified several material discrepancies regarding packaging and build quality, and we would like to point out those discrepancies to cast out any confusion among product users

1. Please see side-by-side image of packaging above

The left hand side shows the packaging for the counterfeit product, whilst the packaging for genuine NITECORE D4 is shown on the right hand side, while the packaging for genuine NITECORE product is richer in colour, the packaging of the counterfeit product has mispelt “Worldwide” as “Worldwidc”, where the same error does not exist on the packaging of the genuine product, in addition, the heading that reads “DESIGNED FOR TOP SAFETY IN USE” employs a bolder font style on the genuine product’s packaging.

2. Please see side-by side image of the vehicle adaptor above

Image above shows the vehicle adapter that comes with both the counterfeit (left) and genuine (right) NITECORE D4, it is easily distinguishable that the adapter that comes with the counterfeit has winding cable whereas the adapter that comes with genuine product has straight extendable cable.

3. Please see side-by-side image of 3-pin plugs above

The plugs for both products are materially and visually different, the one that comes with the counterfeit (shown on left) has its fuse capsule in red incorporated in the centre of the plug, and all three pins are coloured in metallic silver at their tips. The plug that comes with the genuine product has its fuse placed inside and is not exposed, as opposed to the metallic silver colour, the genuine plug has a copper brown colour on it pins.

 Statement from Nitecore:

At this point, we have taken all the necessary steps to point out the differences that exist between the genuine and counterfeit products, this is a serious infringement on our trademark and our intellectual property rights, we intend to have the matter handled to its fullest extent, anyone perpetrating the offence will be held liable for all losses and consequences.


The manufacturer may not have provided a way to exchange your product. This product is dangerous, please stop using it immediately. Read our product recall advice to find out what to do next.

Electrical Safety First recommends that anyone who discovers they have an electrical item that has been recalled should stop using it until it has been checked by the manufacturer.

Model numbers

Digi Charger D4

Recall date 28 Apr 2015
Categories Chargers & Adaptors
Brands Nitecore