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Shortlisted Applicants Announced For The Safety Innovation Award 2018

Electrical Safety First has created the Safety Innovation Award to recognise excellence of product safety initiatives within the industry. Following the success of last year’s inaugural award at our Product Safety Conference, we invited applications from organisations that have developed an innovative product or project that has or will make a demonstrable difference to improve consumer safety. We were overwhelmed by the response that we have received and the various innovative products. After much deliberation we are pleased to announce our shortlisted applicants for this year’s award are:

  • Verv (Green Running Ltd) for their electronic plug that turns ‘normal’ appliances into smart ones. The plug provides condition monitoring of the connected appliance and has the capability to interact with other systems to register the appliance, alert consumers of a recall as well as providing remote on/off switching capability
  • Beko Plc for their innovative flame retardant back panels for refrigeration products, which improves consumers safety by preventing the insulation igniting in the event of a catastrophic component failure, minimising the spread of existing external fires and diminishing the chance of sustained fire
  • Safe Connect for their hot connection indicator, which highlights overheated electrical connections at an early stage, providing maintenance personnel with historical evidence of the condition and possible tightness of connections, allowing them to take remedial preventative action rather than reactive
  • Hoover CandyGroup for their smart Hoover Hood which has safety features to monitor and control the condition and safe operation of the product. It will also notify the user of potential hazards and allows remote operation via the ‘wizard’ app
  • Electrium Sales Limited (A Siemens Company) for their miniature RCBO which provides double pole isolation to fully isolate a faulty or damaged circuit. The single module construction is designed to easily link to an arc fault detection device to provide further circuit protection
  • 618 Safesource Ltd for their KLIO which is a portable power supply unit that maintains power to a home during energy meter replacements, offering safety benefits to meter installers and consumers.

All shortlisted applicants delivered a short presentation to our panel of judges to demonstrate why their innovation should win the Safety Innovation Award.

The winner and runner up will be announced at our Product Safety Conference which is taking place on Thursday 29th November at Church House Westminster, London.  

Shortlisted Applicants

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