Age Safe Scotland

Official figures show that people over 65 in Scotland are at a greater risk from fires in the home than any other age group.

Electrical accidents in the home can pose a more significant risk to older or vulnerable people. This is often due to old or poor quality housing that contains faulty electrics and appliances. With 78% of of older people's homes in disrepair (and 58% requiring a critical repair), Scotland's ageing population is at an increasing risk of electrical dangers.

Our new study, Age Safe Scotland: Electrical Safety in an Ageing Society, was established to better understand the impact of poor electrical safety on an ageing society in Scotland and offers recommendations that will help older people to stay safely in their own homes for longer.

Download the Report:

Age Safe Scotland: Electrical Safety in an Ageing Population

About our Campaign

Our campaign aims to ensure that older people can live safely in their own home. 

  • Every year, over 3,600 house fires are caused by electricity - the number one cause.  These fires injure over 190 older people, and cost the public purse around £3.2 million.
  • The risk of dying in a fire for elderly people is over twice as high as the average for all ages.
  • The majority of older people live in owner-occupied properties, yet these dwellings are least likely to contain features which protect against electrical hazards.
  • Hundreds of older people experience electric shocks in the home which can result in minor or sever injury. Some incidents even result in fatal electrocution.
  • Dementia, and diseases such as Parkinson’s, can increase electrical risks for older people

As our lifespan increases, we tend to remain in properties for longer, which often means regular home safety checks are forgotten and electrical installations and appliances tend to be older.  Just a few moments to ensure sockets, wires and cords are in good condition and sockets aren’t overloaded, can make a real difference in securing their safety.

If you’re worried about your property, or concerned about a neighbour or relative, read our guidance on electrical safety for older people for some simple tips to help them to stay safe.

Campaign Supporters

MPs and MSPs attending the Scottish National Party Conference support our campaign. View our gallery here.