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Hot Bargains Killer Deals - The problems with second hand electrical goods (June 2018)

The market for second-hand electrical bargains is booming, fueled by austerity, environmental concerns and the ease of buying online. However, these appliances can present serious safety risks. Our report investigates the attitudes of buyers and sellers of second-hand electrical products and makes recommendations to improve consumer protection.

Electrical Fire Safety (February 2017)

Electrical Safety First tasked Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service to look at issues with fires caused by electricity in the South East region of England, in order to provide further evidence to support the need for mandatory checks.

A Shocking Rip-Off: True Cost of a Counterfeit (November 2015)

Electrical Safety First has carried out extensive testing and research to show the risk to public safety posed by counterfeit electrical products. We have detailed a number of clear actions by government, industry and consumers which would do much to reduce the negative impact of these products.

A Shock to the System: Electrical safety in an ageing society (January 2015)

Our new report, 'A Shock to the System: Electrical safety in an ageing society', concludes that one million people aged over 75 currently live in non-decent homes. We are calling on Government to put an end to poor quality housing, which puts vulnerable people at risk and does not allow older people to remain safely in their own homes.

Consumer Voices on Product Recall (November 2014)

Electrical Safety First is leading the campaign for improvement to the product recall system. We believe that it is vital to understand what motivates a consumer to act on - or ignore - a recall notice. Our report analyses consumer feedback and makes recommendations for change.

House Proud (September 2013)

We have published some research in partnership with think tank LGiU. It tackles poor standards in the private rented sector (PRS) and calls for central government to cut red tape and give councils the freedom they need to respond flexibly to the needs of their communities.

Product Safety Campaign (March 2013) *

Electrical Safety First carried out research to support its appliance safety campaign, interviewing retailers, manufacturers, Trading Standards and representatives from the testing and inspection industry.

Our findings have been summarised in a report which sets out recommendations for improvements in product design, recall, traceability and enforcement.

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* This report was published under the Charity's former name, the Electrical Safety Council.