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In the last year, over 4 million UK shoppers bought a fake electrical product and a quarter of these were purchased from an online marketplace.

Did you know that when you buy from an online marketplace, you are buying from an unregulated third party seller? This lack of regulation means that it is easy for counterfeit and sub-standard products to be sold.

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Compatible with Amazon and eBay, the Check It Out browser extension will remind you when you are not buying directly from the manufacturer or a retailer you know and trust.

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How it works

Check It Out is a browser extension that alerts you to electrical related products sold by unregulated third party sellers whilst you shop on Amazon and eBay, so you always know who you’re buying from.

Step 1

Download the extension from your browser’s store

It’s super simple and is complete with two clicks.

Step 2

Browse Amazon and eBay as normal

When browsing you’ll be alerted to any third party sellers.

Step 3

Be notified of any third party sellers

Check It Out will remind you that a product is sold by a third party seller when you add it to your basket.

Where it works

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Once installed the Check It Out extension will appear when you’re browsing Amazon or eBay in your browser.

More shopping sites coming soon...

How to stay safe online

When you buy from an online marketplace, it can be difficult to know who the seller is so if there is a problem with the product, you may not be able to get in touch with them to sort it out.

Tips to stay safe online:

Download the Check It Out extension.

Always buy products from retailers you know and trust.

Don’t rely on images and reviews – these can be faked.

If a bargain looks too good to be true, it probably is!

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