Battery breakdown

Our report into dangerous lithium-ion batteries

There is growing concern over the rise in fatalities, injuries and devastating fires from electric bikes (e-bikes) and electric scooters (e-scooters). Tragically, in the first three months of 2023 alone, fires from lithium-ion batteries used to power these devices had already taken four lives in the UK, left others hospitalised or seriously injured and caused extensive damage to property.


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What is the danger?

Lithium-ion batteries can pose a significant risk due to thermal runaway, which occurs when internal temperatures exceed safe limits. This can happen due to flawed design, low-quality components, or improper charging or discharging. If a fire occurs, it may reignite, making these fires particularly dangerous.

The primary risk associated with lithium-ion batteries is thermal runaway. Battery safety and stability depend on maintaining internal temperatures within specific limits. Poor quality and substandard components, flawed design, physical abuse and improper charging or discharging can all cause a battery to become thermally unstable and can lead to catastrophic failure. Even if a fire is extinguished, it is common for the fire to start again, highlighting the dynamic nature of lithium-ion battery fires.

Battery breakdown is campaign that looks into the cause of these dangerous fires and provides recommendations for how safety can be improved. Download the report for free today.


Battery breakdown is an extensive report that covers a number of issues and areas. Below are deep dives into specific topics covered in the report. 

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