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You Wouldn't Trust...

Would you consider hiring an unregistered electrician in order to save as little as £50? Shockingly, we found that almost 1/3 of people in the UK would. It made us think - if we…Read more

5 Minutes With An Expert

When it comes to those boring electrical jobs, it’s tempting to cut corners and save a little money. After all, no one even sees the work - it’s hidden behind walls and plug sockets.…Read more

Tackling The Counterfeit Problem

The EU Commission has recently published The Goods Package - new legislation which will make it easier for companies to sell their products across Europe and to strengthen controls by national authorities and customs…Read more

question mark lightbulbs

Electricity Made Easy

Are you feeling intimidated by all the electrical jargon flying around lately? I mean, what the heck is an RCD? And watt - sorry, what - is a volt? We get it, we really…Read more

Person holding a green bulb

10 Ways To Go Green With Electricity

  We’re all becoming a little more environmentally conscious these days. Supermarkets have started to charge for plastic bags, electric cars are becoming more popular and we’re recycling everything. Some of these changes are…Read more