Review of the UK Product Recall System

After much anticipation, on 18 February, the independent review of the UK's product recall system and the Government's response to it were published. Electrical Safety First has long campaigned for this review, as our past research showed that only 10-20% of recalled electrical products are ever returned, potentially putting lives at risk.

The independent report, written by Lynn Faulds Wood who led the review, contained nine

  1. Setting up a dedicated product safety agency
  2. Introducing a single official website for recalls
  3. Improving funding and resources for market surveillance/recalls
  4. Finding alternative sources of funding for market surveillance
  5. Revising guidance on recalls
  6. Improving data sharing
  7. Reintroducing a UK injury database
  8. Identifying ways to influence consumers
  9. Offering awards for universities for innovative solutions to recalls

In its response, the Government stated its intention to set up a Steering Group to look at ways and means of addressing the recommendations it believes are likely to deliver meaningful and effective change for an improved UK recall system. Whilst acknowledging the importance of effective market surveillance and enforcement, the Government’s response made no comment on this, given the current review of trading standards under the Red Tape Challenge.

Electrical Safety First has long campaigned for improvements to be made to the UK recall system and is delighted to have been invited to sit on Steering Group to represent consumer electrical safety interests.

The review reports can be downloaded at