Staying Safe For Bonfire Night

02 November 2018

“Remember, Remember, The 5th of November.”

How could we forget the anniversary of the foiled Guy Fawkes plot to blow up parliament with gunpowder when we have such a lovely rhyme to remember it? This annual tradition traces back to 1605, when electricity would have probably been seen more as a form of witchcraft rather than the necessity it has become today.

You’re probably thinking “What does bonfire night have to do with electrical safety?” Well to answer your question, with thousands of firework displays and bonfire structures around the country, there is a high risk of danger when it comes to power lines and high voltage substations.

Advice from Murdo Allan, Director of Health, Safety and Sustainability at UK Power Networks is to stay vigilant and mindful of the dangers around you when it comes to electrical equipment. He also recommends that if you are out celebrating on the 5th, to “Always look out, look up and be completely aware of what is around you. With events like this, planning ahead in daylight, when it is easier to spot potential hazards, is a good way to keep everyone safe, while having a great time.”

In conclusion, here are our tips to enjoy a safe bonfire night:

  • Plan your night ahead of time making sure to stay a safe distance away from live power lines and other electrical hazards like trailing leads and cables.
  • Ideally avoid handheld sparklers in the house or indoor fireworks, but if you do use these, make sure you keep them away from electrical devices, power outlets and exposed cables.
  • If it’s a windy night be sure to plan your displays accordingly as the wind can blow the flames and sparks to overhead power lines and could cause power cuts and electrical surges.
  • If you can, choose to attend organised fireworks events over smaller home celebrations.
  • Everyone loves a good feast on bonfire night, but don’t get too distracted with all the festivities and leave the oven and hobs unattended. Also make sure you remember to turn off all appliances when you’re finished using them.

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