Switched On Kids: Discover our electrical safety website for kids!

27 July 2020

At Electrical Safety first we know how important it is to inform the younger generation about the dangers of electricity and teach them how to use it safely. Which is why we created a whole new website solely dedicated to educating children all about electrical safety; Switched On Kids.

We have incorporated interactive elements such as games and quizzes to help make learning about electricity a fun experience for kids. After completing our electrical knowledge quiz they can even receive their very own certificate to reward them for their learning!   

The site can also be used by teachers who are interested in downloading lesson plans and worksheets to explore electricity and electrical safety related topics. These are designed for teachers of national curriculum students at key stages 1, 2 and 3. Teachers are able to download lesson plans, colouring in sheets and posters that they can display in their classrooms.

We also included some helpful assets for parents who want to teach their kids at home. These include downloads for posters, leaflets and safety guides. Parents can also access our ‘Advice for Families’ webpage, which is full of helpful tips and advice to keep your child’s bedroom as electrically safe as possible.

To visit Switched On Kids, click here.

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