Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles

The future of cars is looking super-charged, as electric vehicles are becoming more common around the world.

What is an electric car?

Electric cars are fairly new to the automotive world, and are powered by batteries that are installed within the car. These batteries need to be charged after the car has driven a certain distance, and you may have noticed charging stations popping up at shopping centres and supermarkets.

They’re better for the environment, safe to drive and will save you a lot of money on petrol.

But where there is electricity, there are also safety concerns to be aware of. See below for our advice on using your shiny new electric car safely!

Electric car safety

  • Ensure that you carefully read the vehicle’s manual before you get in the driver’s seat, and follow all instructions.
  • Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions when charging your vehicle, and never use a charging point that isn’t compatible with the make of your car.
  • Some people are concerned that using an electric vehicle in the rain will put them at risk of electric shock, but there’s nothing to worry about – the engineers have ensured that the cars are waterproof.
  • The charging stations are also waterproof, so you will be able to charge in the rain. If in doubt, check with the manufacturer.
  • If you notice a fault or issue, stop using the car and/or charging station immediately and contact the manufacturer.