Nokia Phone Chargers

Charging your Nokia phone safely

Until the launch of the iPhone, Nokia produced many of the worlds most successful phones, many of which are still in use today. Whether you have an old Nokia feature phone or one of their latest release smartphones, it's important to make sure you charge it safely. Do you know the dangers surrounding fake Nokia phone chargers?

1.8 million mobile phone chargers are bought online each year in the UK by mobile phone owners in search of a bargain. Though it’s often cheaper to buy imported, unofficial chargers, the cost can be much greater in the long run...

Fake mobile phone chargers are often made with poor quality components that fail to meet UK safety regulations. This means they can cause injury, electric shocks and even fires.

Nokia phone chargers

For a long time, Nokia were the world leaders in mobile phones; nowadays, they offer customers everything for affordable pay as you go options through to the popular Nokia Lumia series.

When it comes to topping up battery power on your Nokia mobile phone, you should always use a charger that’s been made by a reputable manufacturer.

Concerned that your mobile phone charger might not be up to standard? Read our 3-point safety check to find out.