Samsung Galaxy Chargers

Charging your Samsung Galaxy phone safely

Whichever Samsung mobile phone you have, whether it's the Samsung Galaxy S8 or J6 it's important to make sure you charge it safely. Do you know the dangers surrounding fake Samsung chargers?

1.8 million mobile phone chargers are bought online each year in the UK by mobile phone owners in search of a bargain. Though it’s often cheaper to buy imported, unofficial chargers, the cost can be much greater in the long run...

Fake mobile phone chargers are often made with poor quality components that fail to meet UK safety regulations. This means they can cause injury, electric shocks and even fires.

Samsung chargers

Technology giants Samsung manufacture everything from TVs to chemicals. Over the years, they’ve released hundreds of different Samsung mobile phones, including the popular Galaxy range which includes the Samsung Galaxy S, J and A series.

When it comes to charging any Samsung device, you should always buy a branded Samsung charger or purchase one from a reputable, reliable retailer.

Think your Samsung charger could be a fake or not fit for purpose? Follow our 3-point safety check to find out.