Tablet Chargers

Charging tablets safely

More and more of us are choosing tablets over traditional computers and laptops. But are you aware of the potentially deadly consequences of not using the right kind of tablet charger with yours? 

Thanks to their interactivity and portability, tablets have become extremely popular. And, of course, you don’t want to risk running out of power at a vital moment, so you need to make sure you keep yours well charged.

Counterfeit tablet chargers are often made with poor quality components that don’t meet UK safety regulations. So, to avoid any risk of you damaging your tablet or receiving a nasty shock, you need to be sure that the charger you’re using is fit for purpose, safe and made by a reputable manufacturer.

Keep reading to discover more about the importance of using a suitable charger with your tablet.

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Apple iPad chargers

One of the beauties of Apple products is that you can use the same charger to top up the battery on all your devices.

But it’s vitally important that you ensure that you pick up an iPad charger that’s been safety regulated – otherwise, poor quality components could result in damage or electric shocks.

Take a look at our 3-point safety check to discover the signs to look out for when it comes to dangerous or fake tablet chargers.

Archos tablet chargers

Archos might be one of the lesser-known brands on the market, but an increasing number of people are now choosing to pick up a tablet from its especially affordable range.

To ensure you’re using your Archos tablet safely, it’s important to use either an Archos-branded charger or one that you’re sure has been made by another reputable retailer.

Concerned that your tablet charger might not be all it seems? Read our 3-point safety check to check that it’s safe.

Asus tablet chargers

The ASUS Transformer Pad range, including the ASUS MeMO Pad models, is a best-seller thanks to the fact that all tablets come with a detachable full size keyboard so you can also use them just like a notebook whenever you want.

It’s best to always have a tablet charger to hand so you don’t risk running out of battery power – but you need to be sure that it’s suitable for use if you want to avoid any potentially dangerous electrical accidents.

If you think you’ve been sold a counterfeit or dangerous tablet charger, read our 3-point safety check.

Gigaset tablet chargers

Although this brand is best known for building home phones, the Gigaset QV830 tablet has been highly rated by reviewers.

The best way to feel totally confident that you’ve not been sold a potentially unsafe charger that might damage your Gigaset tablet is to buy from a regulated high street store or reputable retailer.

If you’re still not sure, our 3-point safety check will help you to identify a tablet charger that’s not safe to use.

Google tablet chargers

The range of Google Nexus tablets operate on the Android platform and come ready loaded with Google products like Gmail, Google Chrome and Google Play for ultimate convenience.

It’s important to be aware of how dangerous it can be to use a counterfeit tablet charger with your Google Nexus; not only can they cause damage to tablet, but you’re also running the risk of receiving a nasty electric shock.

Worried that the tablet charger you’re using could be a fake or otherwise not fit for purpose? Follow our 3-point safety check to find out.

Kindle tablet chargers

It might have started out with simple e-reader technology, but the Kindle range has now expanded to incorporate HD tablets like the Kindle Fire and Kindle New Fire.

When it comes to topping up the battery power on your Kindle tablet, you should always use a charger from a reputable manufacturer in order to avoid any electrical accidents.

Following our 3-point safety check is the easiest way to ensure you haven’t been sold a counterfeit or otherwise unsafe tablet charger.

Lenovo tablet chargers

Lenovo offer a huge range of versatile tablets, including the large screen Lenovo Yoga range.

In order to avoid putting yourself or your Lenovo tablet in any sort of electrical accident-related danger, it’s vital that you use a charger provided by the manufacturer or another trusted, reputable retailer.

You can follow our 3-point safety check to make sure that your charger is fit for use.

Microsoft tablet chargers

Microsoft is one of the technology industry’s leading names, so it’s no wonder that its range of tablets are amongst the most popular on the market.

Whether you own a Microsoft Surface, Microsoft Surface 2, Microsoft Surface Pro or one of the other Microsoft tablets out there, you need to be sure that the charger you’re using has been subject to the required safety checks.

Use our 3-point safety check to establish if your tablet charger’s ok to use.

Nokia tablet chargers

Nokia do much more than just make phones, and the Nokia Lumia range offers tablets to suit a variety of needs and budgets.

As counterfeit, unregulated tablet chargers can cause damage to your device, injury and even fire, you should always use a safety-checked charger with your tablet.

If you want to check that the charger you’re using with your Nokia tablet is totally safe, follow our 3-point safety check.

Samsung tablet chargers

Samsung offer a huge range of sleek tablets, including the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Samsung Galaxy TabPRO.

If you’ve invested in a Samsung tablet, you won’t want to risk causing any complications or damage by purchasing a dodgy tablet charger to boost the power with.

To find out if you’ve been sold a potentially dangerous fake charger, follow our 3-point safety check.

Sony tablet chargers

Sony’s Xperia tablet range include the Sony Xperia Z2, great for use on the go as it’s one of the slimmest and lightest 10” tablets available.

But when it comes to picking up a charger for your Sony Xperia tablet, don’t try to make savings by picking up a counterfeit version. The risk just isn’t worth it.

Worried that the tablet charger you’re using isn’t fit for purpose? Our 3-point safety check can help to find out for sure.

Toshiba tablet chargers

The Toshiba range of tablets offer customers plenty of choice when it comes to the features they want to prioritise, whether it’s a HD screen or high quality speakers.

When it comes to charging your Toshiba tablet, you should always buy a branded charger or a safety-checked alternative from another trusted retailer.

You can use our 3-point safety check to discover how to spot a fake if you’re unsure whether your tablet charger is safe to use.