Boys and their DIY toys - are they a safe present for Father's Day?

31 May 2006

Electrical DIY

Electric drills may be top of the present list for Father's Day, but the Electrical Safety Council is questioning the safety of dads and corded power tools, as latest research reveals that almost half of dads in the UK have had an electric shock whilst doing DIY.

"Electricity can and does kill. Before picking up a corded power tool or getting stuck in with the electric lawn mower or hedge trimmer, it makes sense for Dads to plug them into a plug-in RCD - a safety device that can save their lives by instantly switching off the power if they cut through or damage the power cable," says Emma McCarthy, director of the new electrical safety champion, the Electrical Safety Council.

"So if you're buying your father a corded drill, electric saw or other corded power tool this Father's Day, do him a favour and buy him a plug-in RCD too," adds Emma.

However, rather than always having to rely on a plug-in RCD, it's much better to have one built into your fusebox (consumer unit) to protect all your sockets. That way, it's always ready to protect you indoors and out if an appliance develops a fault, or if you have an accident when using electrical equipment or appliances.

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