Home for the holidays - don't let the kids blow up the house

31 August 2006

Stay safe in the summer holidays

Electrical safety champion gives advice on how to keep your children safe this summer.

The kids are home for the summer and busy running up the electricity bill, but the cost shouldn't be the main worry, warns the Electrical Safety Council. Parents should be switched on to electrical safety, to help keep themselves and their children safe this summer.

"We often take electricity for granted, forgetting it can kill and injure through electric shock and fire. In particular, young children do not understand how dangerous it is and can be very vulnerable" says Emma McCarthy, director of the Electrical Safety Council. "With at least 30 deaths and many thousands of injuries caused by electricity in the home every year, some will inevitably involve children. This is why the Electrical Safety Council is urging parents to take simple precautions around the home."

For further information contact media@electricalsafetyfirst.org.uk