Spring forward into electrical safety

18 March 2008

Check your RCD this spring

An RCD is a potentially life-saving device that, when installed in a fusebox, helps to protect householders against electric shock and electrocution. To work properly, an RCD must be tested regularly, ideally every three months. However, research from the Electrical Safety Council shows that 46% of people never test their RCD and a further 24% only test theirs once a year, therefore putting themselves at unnecessary risk.

One of the reasons that RCDs are not tested on a regular basis is due to inconvenience - testing it switches the electricity in the home off momentarily and so causes electric clocks to need resetting.

Consumer champion the Electrical Safety Council is calling on people to take advantage of the opportunity and test their RCD at the same time as putting the clocks forward for Spring on the weekend of Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th March. Testing is simple and can be done by anyone pressing the 'test' button on the RCD at the fusebox.

Phil Buckle, Director of Charitable Affairs at the Electrical Safety Council says:

"An RCD can save lives but, like a smoke alarm, needs to be tested regularly to ensure it works properly. Our research shows that homeowners don’t test their RCDs enough, partly because of the nuisance caused by having to reset the clocks. So we are urging people to test their RCD when all the clocks will need to be changed anyway, during the last weekend in March.

"One of the core aims of the Electrical Safety Council is to reduce the numbers of deaths and injuries caused by electricity in the UK. It may seem like a small thing but testing your RCD might help protect you or a loved one from electric shock or electrocution."

For further information contact media@electricalsafetyfirst.org.uk