Electrical Safety Council plugs in to Scotland

20 November 2008

Scottish office opens

Campaigning charity the Electrical Safety Council has set up a dedicated office for Scotland.

The charity was established in 2005 with the aim of reducing deaths and injuries caused by electrical accidents at home and work. It provides guidance on the electrical safety of products, equipment and installations and promotes best practice among electrical installers.

Now the council has recruited Tony Maskens, previously a manager at the British Standards Institution, to spearhead consumer and industry campaigns for the charity north of the border. Tony is based at the Walled Garden, near Edinburgh – also the headquarters for SELECT, the Scottish Electrical Trade Association.

“The Electrical Safety Council has a UK-wide remit to help reduce the approximately 8,000 house fires, as well as electric shocks, accidents and injuries that happen each year as a result of faulty electrical appliances or installations”, said Director of Charitable Affairs Phil Buckle.

“It is time to increase our presence in Scotland, so we are delighted that Tony has joined us”, he added.

Each year the Electrical Safety Council undertakes a number of campaigns including promoting the safety of electrical products with manufacturers, electric blanket testing days and educational activities aimed at children. It also recently ran a TV advertising campaign and re-launched its website to include more consumer advice, technical manuals and best practice for electrical installers.

“With almost a quarter of Scots surveyed1 saying they’ve never had their home electrics checked, and 65 per cent saying they don’t have appliances tested by an electrician, it’s clear that there is work to be done communicating how to stay safe around electrical appliances”, said Tony Maskens.

“We also want to continue to provide useful support and advice to Scottish electrical installers, to help keep them safe and aware of their responsibilities, and raise our profile with the Scottish Government. So it’s the ideal time for the charity to open an office here”, he concluded.

For further information contact media@electricalsafetyfirst.org.uk