New Survey Shows Support for Part P

20 June 2011

Part P Survey

According to a new industry survey , 85% of registered electricians believe that Part P of the Building Regulations for England and Wales should be retained – but with improvements.

More than 3,500 electricians who are registered under Part P completed the survey, which was co-ordinated by the Electrical Safety Council (ESC).  And 90% of respondents also believe that all electricians undertaking notifiable work in domestic premises should have to register as competent persons. The survey forms part of an evidence-gathering exercise on Part P, which will be submitted to the government’s review of the Building Regulations. The review will also cover Part P, which currently provides the only legal protection for householders having electrical work done in their home.

“Last December, the government announced plans for reviewing these regulations and identified areas where there might be potential for deregulation”, explains Phil Buckle, Director General of the ESC. “Since then, we have been working with a range of partners to identify changes that can be made to Part P while ensuring that it remains fit for purpose.  Our objective is to provide an informed view and information which will allow the government to balance the needs of the public – who need to feel confident in the standards of work being carried out in their homes - with the industry’s desire to avoid unnecessary red tape”.

Since the announcement of the review the ESC has brought together industry, consumer protection bodies and other key stakeholders, to build a consensus on the best approach to responding to the review and to establish an evidence base in relation to Part P. To this end, the ESC convened a round table on Part P and then a working group – out of which came the idea for a major survey of electrical contractors on this issue.

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