Safer Homes for those most in need

09 October 2011

ESC Home Improvement Grant Scheme Awards Announced

Thirty one not-for-profit and third-sector bodies across the UK have received Awards totalling £100,000 from the Electrical Safety Council (ESC), to carry out essential electrical work in the homes of vulnerable people. The funding has been made available through the ESC’s Home Improvement Grants Scheme, which supports grass-roots organisations to help vulnerable groups to live safely in their homes.

“The ESC is committed to partnership working to ensure we can reach the people who most need help”, explains Phil Buckle, Director General of the ESC. “And one of the ways in which we do this is to work with locally-based organisations. The agencies identify the electrical work that needs to be done, in liaison with their clients, and pay for this from our funding. All the work is undertaken by a registered contractor and is completed to required safety standards.”

The grant scheme primarily targets homeowners over 60 who are on a low- income but also provides support to younger homeowners (over 21) who are disabled. Individuals falling outside the main target groups have been dealt with on a case by case basis.

In addition to providing funding for essential, minor electrical work which supports safety and well-being, the ESC scheme is also designed to help in emergency situations, such as undertaking repairs which might aid a return home from – or prevent prolonged admission to - hospital. The type of work undertaken can range from repairing lighting to checking the safety of electrical appliances.

West of England Care and Repair, formerly known as Bristol Care and Repair, is one of this year’s successful applicants. The organisation has also received funding in previous years. “It’s made a huge difference”, says Lindsay Hay, Service Manager for West of England Care and Repair. “The ESC grant allows us to respond rapidly to some potentially very dangerous situations, as we get a lot of emergency calls from people who have been unable to afford the cost of electrical work. But it is not just about repairing people’s homes; it’s also about peace of mind and improved quality of life.”

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