Electrical Safety First comments on the Consumer Rights Bill and proposed Recall Review

20 November 2014

Comment on the Consumer Rights Bill

Commenting on the Consumer Rights Bill – which has just concluded its Report Stage in the House of Lords – Phil Buckle, Director General of Electrical Safety First, said:

“The Consumer Rights Bill is the most radical shake-up of consumer legislation to take place in three decades. We were disappointed that our proposed amendment – which ‘closed the gap’ between faults that manufacturers and suppliers of electrical goods know about and what consumers are aware of – has not been incorporated into the Bill. However, we are delighted that our concerns have been noted and that a review of the product recall system will now take place.”

The amendment proposed by Electrical Safety First was designed to increased transparency, by requiring manufacturers, retailers and distributors, to provide specific details, such as the number of people affected by a recalled item (either through injury or damage to property). It also called for detailed information regarding a recalled item to be displayed, on both the website of the relevant government department and enforcement agencies.

“As Electrical Safety First’s research has clearly shown, our complex and self-regulated product recall system has left many unsafe products in people’s homes”, adds Phil Buckle.  “So we wholeheartedly support the government’s proposed review of the system, which has just been announced by Baroness Neville-Rolfe.  And we are pleased that the issues regarding product recall during the passage of the Consumer Rights Bill will now be addressed.”


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