Electrical Safety First Welcomes Review of the Recall System

13 March 2015

On the announcement by Jo Swinson, Consumer Affairs Minister, that consumer campaigner Lynn Faulds Wood will lead a review of the UK’s system for the recall of unsafe products, Phil Buckle, Director General of Electrical Safety First said:

“Faulty electrical products pose a real threat to consumers, their families and their property, so we are delighted that the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills has announced this independent review of the recall system.

“Not only does it demonstrate that the Government is committed to improving recall effectiveness, we also hope that it puts the issue of recalls more generally into the spotlight. With current success rates for recalls of faulty electrical products being as low as 10% - 20%, consumers, manufacturers and authorities need to face up to the dangers of an ineffective recall system and work together in order to improve it. We hope today’s announcement is the first step towards achieving this”.


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