Electrical Safety First Responds to the BEIS Committee Chair recommendation on implementing a Whirlpool Recall

11 May 2018

Faulty white goods pose a real danger to consumers across the country with 1,873 fires tearing
through England alone last year caused by the likes of dishwashers and fridge freezers. Electrical Safety First welcomes any measures to better protect consumers from the threats posed by faulty white goods and to ensure that communication surrounding recall notices from manufacturers reaches as many affected consumers as possible.

A manufacturer’s response to potentially faulty goods should be instantaneous with a robust and effective recall strategy in place and seamlessly executed. Consistency in making sure manufacturers carry out effective recalls is imperative to the safety of those affected with any improvements in tracing affected machines welcome.

Electrical Safety First welcomes the recent Code of Practice published by the Office for Product
Safety & Standards however believe its success will be based upon the willingness of business to adopt it.

There is much improvement to be made surrounding recalls with our own research showing that a mere 10-20% of recalled products are returned or repaired. This is largely due to the fact consumers are unaware a product has been recalled. Electrical Safety First is keen to work with the Office for Product Safety and Standards on ensuring that the UKs product safety regime works as effectively as possible. We strongly recommend establishing a centrally managed product recall database, which would allow consumers to check that the appliances they’re using are safe.

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