Electrical Safety First's response to the Private Tenancies Bill

18 November 2021

Martyn Allen, Technical Director of Electrical Safety First commented: “Under the proposals in this Bill, renters will be granted better protections from dangerous electrical hazards. The same regulations already exist for tenants in England and Scotland and the introduction of this Bill will finally give renters in Northern Ireland the protections they deserve. We believe; however, the Bill can be strengthened. The proposed safety checks should be mandated at least every five years.”

On background:

  • Electrical Safety First, today gave evidence to the Northern Ireland Committee for Communities on the progressing Private Tenancies Bill
  • The Charity is calling for the already proposed electrical safety checks in privately rented properties to be introduced on a five yearly basis – this would mean the checks would have to be carried out once every five years
  • Mandatory electrical safety checks are already a requirement in the private rented sector in both England and Scotland.
  • The Charity is also proposing that landlords should provide a record of testing appliances that they have provided as part of the tenancy – this will help reduce the risk of an appliance fire occurring.