Comment on the Renting Homes (Wales) Act

17 January 2022

Electrical Safety Checks Announced in Wales for Renters

Mandatory five yearly electrical safety checks will come into force this year for renters in Wales the Government has announced.

As part of the Government’s Renting Homes (Wales) Act landlords in Wales will be obligated to ensure any property they are renting out is electrically safe.

Wales is the latest UK nation to announce the introduction of mandatory electrical safety checks which were introduced in England for the private rented sector in 2020. Safety checks are already in place for both the private rented sector and social rented sector in Scotland. 

Consumer safety charity, Electrical Safety First has long campaigned for these checks to be adopted by the Welsh Government and was successful in securing their introduction in England in 2020.

The law will require the electrical installation of the property to be inspected by a competent person such as a registered electrician, every five years where a condition report on the property will be issued to the landlord confirming that the electrical installation is safe for continued use and identifying whether remedial work is necessary.

The check, also known as a PIT (periodic inspection and testing) will

  • find any potential electric shock risks and fire hazards
  • reveal if any of the electrical circuits or equipment is overloaded
  • identify any defective electrical work
  • highlight any lack of earthing or bonding


Commenting on the announcement by the Welsh Government, Lesley Rudd Chief Executive of Electrical Safety First commented: We are delighted to see Wales adopt better protections for tenants that will help ensure they are kept safe from dangerous electrics in the home. The law will not only better protect renters in Wales but also contribute to raising awareness of the need to better maintain  housing across the country. We look forward to working closely with the Welsh Government to ensure the successful implementation of the new regulations.”

Failure to comply with the laws will see properties deemed unfit for human habitation and penalties imposed.

Mandatory electrical safety checks have been included within a wide ranging Bill that is set to ensure homes in Wales are fit for human habitation.

In England, landlords in the privately rented sector who fail to comply with mandatory electrical safety checks face fines of up to £30,000.


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Notes to Editor:

  • The published document by the Welsh Government can be found here Fitness of homes for human habitation: guidance for landlords | GOV.WALES
  • Electrical Safety First has long campaigned for mandatory electrical safety checks having been successful in securing their introduction in England in 2020. The Charity continues for the same protection to be afforded to those living in the social rented sector in England, also.
  • Mandatory electrical safety checks are already in place in Scotland for both the private rental sector as well as the social rented sector.