Comment on the announcement of the Product Safety Review

01 August 2023

Commenting on the Product Safety Review announcement, Lesley Rudd, chief executive of Electrical Safety First, commented: “For too long online marketplaces have been allowed to avoid responsibility for the sale of lethal goods on their platforms. The Product Safety Review must put an end to this scandal.”

“For years we [Electrical Safety First] have highlighted how dangerous goods on online marketplaces are a relentless everyday problem for UK shoppers. Our mounting evidence – which is supported by the Government’s own investigations - is undeniable: online giants contribute greatly to dangerous goods entering UK homes. This must be stamped out.

“It’s imperative the Review makes good on its promise to make online shopping as safe as shopping on the high street. This is a critical moment. The Government must act now to protect the safety of online shoppers and introduce legislation to ensure online marketplaces are not unfairly exempt from safety laws that our reputable high street retailers are rightly bound by. The forthcoming King’s Speech is the perfect opportunity to make this happen.”