LearningLounge.com Unveils ACE: The Apprentice Channel of Excellence Championed by Electrical Safety First

04 July 2024

LearningLounge.com is thrilled to announce an exciting new venture in collaboration with Electrical Safety First: the Apprentice Channel of Excellence (ACE).

This pioneering channel is dedicated to empowering electrotechnical apprentices and their training providers with best-in-class digital learning resources. ACE is set to launch in January 2025, offering unparalleled support for the study of Level 2 and 3 Electrical Installation.

Comprehensive Digital Learning Resources

The Apprentice Channel of Excellence will feature a rich array of digital learning materials, including:

  • Science and Theory Videos: detailed visual guides to explain complex electrotechnical topics.
  • Health & Safety Essentials Videos: including onsite-insights
  • Practical Skills Refresher Videos: practical skills and considerations
  • Benchmarking Quizzes and Assessments: Tools to test knowledge and track progress.
  • Expert Insights: Advice and tips from industry professionals and educators.


Stay Tuned for More

Luke Osborne, Deputy Technical Director at Electrical Safety First says “As we approach the official launch in January 2025, more news, updates, and sample content will be released. We invite apprentices, educators, and all stakeholders in the electrotechnical field to join us on this exciting journey.”

Terry Brown, Director from Learning Lounge adds “Don’t miss out on the latest developments and exclusive previews—visit ace.learninglounge.com today to register and stay informed. Follow us on social media for real-time updates.”

About LearningLounge.com

Learninglounge.com is a well established, award-winning, provider of digital learning content to the FE community and wider electrotechnical training sector.

Learninglounge.com have extensive experience in developing and delivering digital learning materials which help to enrich the learning experience and contribute to improved engagement and outcomes for tens of thousands of learners across the UK and beyond.

About Electrical Safety First

Electrical Safety First is a UK charity committed to reducing deaths and injuries caused by electrical accidents. They work with industry, government, and consumers to promote electrical safety and provide guidance on best practices.