Ink-jet multifunctional colour printers Recall

08 August 2007


The product poses a serious risk of burns and fire because in certain very specific conditions of use the printing system of certain devices could prove defective, leading to possible damage to the product and a potential risk that the plastic around the ink cartridge could melt, perish or even catch fire. Voluntary corrective action by the producer.

Models affected

Products manufactured between May 2005 and June 2006.

SAGEM: Ref.: MF3080, Quantities: 406.

PHILIPS: Ref.: Crystal 650, 660 and 665; Quantities: 50.664.

DEUTSCHE TELEKOM: Ref.: T-Com Multifax 500 and Multifax 700, Quantities: 13.102. Products similar in all points to Philips Crystal 650 and 660.

BELGACOM: Ref.: Belgafax 710, Quantities: 1518. Product similar in all points to Philips Crystal 660.