Greenbrook Electrical Wired In Timers Recall

26 November 2007


Last year we became aware of a potential production fault with the above timers that could cause excessive heat in the terminal block and could in some cases lead to scorching and in extreme cases melting of the block and fire damage to the surrounding area.

At this time we advised that all installed timers must be checked and if necessary the terminal screws tightened. At the same time we replaced all the products held by our stockists.

Subsequently the fault has manifested itself in a small number of timers where the terminals are correctly tightened. Further forensic investigation carried out on these products has shown that the actual cause of the fault is a manufacturing defect within some terminal blocks, which did not show up in production testing.

Models affected

T21HA-C, T22HA-C, T23HA-C, T65A-C, T69A-C, T70A-C, T71A-C


Please note that any timer models without the letter A in the part number e.g. T21H-C are not affected. The products affected were first supplied in April 2006. All products are being removed from the supply chain.