Immersion heater Recall

22 April 2008


EBS hot water tanks without the grey control box at the front have no immersion heater. EBS hot water tanks with the grey box but without any black plug-in connector have an improved version of the immersion heater wiring. These installations are not affected. Géminox have contracted Valve Control Systems Ltd to carry out a refit of the affected immersion heater wiring to eliminate the problem.

Models affected

Not available.


Géminox, a domestic appliance manufacturer based in France, has started to undertake a refit of immersion heaters for their EBS type hot water tanks, due to safety reasons. The affected immersion heaters for the EBS hot water tanks have been imported into Ireland since 2001 by Aquatech Ltd., Cork. There is a risk of overheating of the black plug-in connectors located at the bottom of the grey box at the front of the tank and on top of the tank (see pictures). Under worst-case conditions, the overheating may lead to fire.