Gaming Machine Chargers Recall

17 July 2008



Models affected

We are alerting consumers to potential electric shock and overheating problems we have found in certain non-branded gaming machine chargers imported from China and typically sold through on-line sites.

The chargers were supplied as accessories for charging Nintendo DS and DS Lite machines, although they could also be used to charge Gameboy machines.

One of the chargers causing concern can be identified by the product code: DE 62347066 which is marked on the black label attached. However, the other charger carries no identifying product code on the silver label and is simply called 'Travel Charger'. On the body of the 'Travel Charger' the abbreviation 'USB' is also visible.

If you believe that you, or a member of your family has bought one of these chargers you are urged to contact your local Trading Standards who can advise you further on the matter.