Joytech-Brand Wii Power Station Recall

05 January 2009




Various retailers throughout the European Union, from September 2007 to May 2008, at prices ranging from approximately £17.99 to £24.99 in the United Kingdom

What To Do

Consumers should stop using the product immediately and contact the Power Station Recall Center for instructions regarding how to obtain a refund. Do not contact or return the product to the retailer.

For additional information about the Power Station Recall, including instructions on how to obtain a refund for your Power Station, visit the Recall Website at
You may also contact the Recall Center by email ( or phone at +44 (0) 1429 243 219 (toll-free within the U.K.).


Electrical Safety First recommends that anyone who discovers they have an electrical item that has been recalled should stop using it until it has been checked by the manufacturer.

Model numbers

A voluntary safety recall is being issued for all Joytech-brand Wii Power Station units that utilize rechargeable lithium-polymer batteries. This version of the Power Station, which is marked "lithium" and is equipped with two lithium battery packs, is pictured.

Recall date 05 Jan 2009
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Brands Joytech