AC-DC adaptor - Mobile Phone 3 in1 Charger and USB Power Supply Recall

23 March 2009


The product poses a risk of electric shock because:

  • a loose wire may reduce creepage distances and clearances with the risk of electric shock, 
  • the adaptor had inadequately sized pins.

This could cause damage to the socket with the risk of overheating or arcing within the socket. The product does not comply with the Low Voltage Directive and relevant European standard EN 60950.

Models affected


USB Power Supply -8715693153637. 421.740-500mA

USB Power Supply-8715693101508. 421.734-

Mobile Phone 3in1 Charger Set-15693100433. 421.735-

Mobile Phone 3in1 Charger v2-715693181951.


1000mA USB Power Supply. 500mA USB Power Supply. Mobile Phone 3in1 Charger Set. Mobile Phone 3in1 Charger v2. All items packed in sealed blister packaging.