Mains Adapter used with Philips Products Recall

09 March 2009


If you own one of the above products please switch off the mains power supply and check that the cover of the adapter is firmly attached. Then remove the adapter to check the date code printed near the connecting pins. lf the date code on the adapter ends in 07 or 08 it is affected by this warning. Stop using it immediately and call the freephone number below to obtain a replacement mains adapter free of charge.

Models affected

Philips Photo Frame Model: 7FF2FPAS/05 sold since July 2008
Philips Portable DVD players Models: PET716/05, PET716S/05, PET719/05, PET723/05, PET816/05, DCP750/05, DCP850/05, DCP951/05 sold since July 2007


Mains Adapter