Miele Washer Extractors

21 June 2010


Warning symbol Do not run the 'KITCHEN LINEN' programme! A risk of SCALDING caused by the release of hot water is possible! ENSURE THAT CHILDREN REMAIN WELL AWAY FROM THE MACHINE!


MIELE analyses data from the marketplace on a regular basis. From this information it has been noticed that HOT WATER/FOAM may suddenly escape through the detergent dispenser drawer under a certain combination of conditions in the KITCHEN LINEN programme on commercial washer-extractors from the PW 6055 and PW 6065 series produced since November 30, 2009.

What To Do

Affected machines can be identified as follows: The model range is indicated on the fascia panel (left-hand side). The dataplate is located on the inner door face. Relevant aspects are in bold type.

Should you own one of the machines mentioned above, please contact your MIELE dealer, your MIELE service agent or the MIELE service hotline immediately. 
SERVICE HOTLINE 0845 365 6600.Miele will rectify this problem by updating the electronic controls on-site and free of charge, It will be necessary to make an appointment for a service visit.


Electrical Safety First recommends that anyone who discovers they have an electrical item that has been recalled should stop using it until it has been checked by the manufacturer.

Model numbers

Washer-extractors from the PW 6055 Vario and PW 6065 Vario series

Date 21 Jun 2010
Categories Kitchen Appliances
Brands Miele