Sony Colour CRT TVs Recall

02 August 2010


In Sony colour CRT TVs manufactured before the end of 1990, a particular inner component has been found in some cases to suffer age deterioration following very long term usage and thus overheat. This overheating may, in rare cases, cause the component to catch fire and result in a burn to the TV set, and possible damage to surrounding property.

Models affected

KTX-1000UB KV-1470R KV-19XMTC KV-2092AS KV-21XSTD KTX-1400E KV-1483RWP KV-19XMTU KV-2092EC KV-21XSTE KTX-1400UB KV-1612UB KV-2000AS KV-2092ECH1 KV-2200E KTX-1410UB KV-1612UB2 KV-2000E KV-2092EI KV-2200ET KTX-1420UB KV-1614E KV-2000ET V-2092ESP KKV-2200UB KTX-1430UB KV-1614EC KV-2000UB KV-2092ET KV-2201UB KTX-9000UB KV-1614EI KV-2000UBMK KV-2092FE KV-2202E KV-1340DF KV-1614ET KV-2000UBMK2 KV-2092HC KV-2202ET KV-1340UB KV-1615DF KV-2002E KV-2092MR KV-2202UB KV-1340UF KV-1615F KV-2010E KV-2092PT KV-2204DF KV-1352E KV-1654RWP KV-2020ME KV-2092UB KV-2204E KV-1352EC KV-16XMB KV-2020UB KV-2096EC KV-2204EC KV-1400E KV-16XMC KV-2022EI KV-2096UB KV-2204EI KV-1400UB KV-16XMD KV-2022PM KV-211XML KV-2204ET KV-1412AS KV-16XMTA KV-2022UB KV-211XMTL KV-2204UB KV-1412EC KV-16XMTU KV-2024AE KV-211XMTU KV-2205DF KV-1412EG KV-1802DH KV-2024AEB KV-211XMU KV-2205F KV-1412ET KV-1811DF KV-2024E KV-2152HM KV-2206ECTEX KV-1412F KV-1812DF KV-2024EC KV-2182DC KV-2206UBTEX KV-1412UB KV-1820DF KV-2040UB KV-2182MR KV-2207UBV.D. KV-1414WR KV-1820MF KV-2052EC KV-21XMB KV-2210ET KV-1430E KV-1820UB KV-2052ET KV-21XMC KV-2212E KV-1430UB KV-1821SE KV-2052UB KV-21XME KV-2212EC KV-1432E KV-1822UB KV-2054RWP KV-21XML KV-2212EI KV-1440E KV-1830SE KV-2056EC KV-21XMTA KV-2212ES KV-1440EC KV-1835SE KV-2056UB KV-21XMTC KV-2212F KV-1440ESP KV-1842E KV-2060EI KV-21XMTE KV-2212FE KV-1440UB KV-1855DF KV-2060UB KV-21XMTU KV-2212UB KV-1442EC KV-1855F KV-2062AEB KV-21XMU KV-2212UB2 KV-1442EI KV-1882AEB KV-2062E KV-21XRB KV-2215EC KV-1442ESP KV-1882EC KV-2062EC KV-21XRD KV-2215EI KV-1442ET KV-1882EI KV-2062EI KV-21XRL KV-2215ET KV-1442FE KV-1882F KV-2062ETT KV-21XRTA KV-2215F KV-1442MR KV-1882UB KV-2062MR KV-21XRTB KV-2215FE KV-1442PT KV-1982M9 KV-2062UB KV-21XRTD KV-2215UB KV-1442UB KV-19XMB KV-2064EC KV-21XRTU KV-2216UB KV-1446TA KV-19XMC KV-2066EC KV-21XRU KV-2216UB2 KV-1460UB KV-19XMD KV-2066UB KV-21XSB KV-2217UB KV-1462UB KV-19XML KV-2068EC KV-21XSD KV-2220EC KV-1465 KV-19XMTA KV-2090UB KV-21XSTA KV-2220EC2


Sony colour CRT TVs manufactured before the end of 1990