Electrium Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCBs) Recall

13 October 2010


A very small number of Electrium MCBs, sold under the brand names Wylex, Crabtree (Loadstar only) and Volex are not perfroming to the required characteristics. This can lead to a potential risk of burning, in a small number of installations.

Models affected

MCB Rating: 6 Amp
Wylex: NSB06
Crabtree (Loadstar only): 6M1B06
Volex: VB06

MCB Rating: 10 Amp
Wylex: NSB10
Crabtree (Loadstar only): 6M1B10
Volex: VB10

MCB Rating: 16 Amp
Wylex: NSB16
Crabtree (Loadstar only): 6M1B16
Volex: VB16



The affected MCBs were supplied from April 2009 to February 2010 and are listed above. All other devices are unaffected. Devices supplied outside these dates are unaffected.