Tattoo Kit with Power Supply Unit Recall

26 September 2013


Product poses a risk of electric shock and fire.


The product poses a risk of electric shock to the user because the power supply unit has inadequate insulation and separation between the input and output circuits.

The supply cord on the cord set is an inadequate size and presents a risk of overheating and fire.

In addition, the plug on the cord set does not comply with the relevant national standard.

The product does not comply with the Low Voltage Directive, the relevant European standard EN 60335 and the national standard BS 1363.

Models affected

Type/number of model: SKU: 25

Batch number/Barcode: 1200325236


Tattoo machine kit with power supply unit in a black plastic case with yellow lion design printed on the top. Also supplied with large number of accessories, including ink bottles. See pictures for details.

No packaging except an outer cardboard transit carton.