Pride Mobility S74 Elite Sport Scooter Recall

28 April 2014


Risk that the batteries supplied with the scooters can overheat and swell whilst charging. This could affect the range of the scooter or cause it to behave in an unexpected manner. No injuries have been reported.

Models affected

Pride Mobility Products S74 Elite Sport Scooter supplied with Leoch 20 amp/hour batteries.

The serial number label of the scooters can be found by removing the battery box.

The serial numbers of the affected scooters are:

SG211113017FVO to SG211113148FVO
SG216713002FVO to SG216713169FVO
SG219313286FVO to SG219313335FVO
SG219313114FVO to SG219313211FVO



Mobility Scooter.