Lenovo Thinkpad Lithium-Ion Batteries - UPDATED April 2015 Recall

21 April 2015


The affected battery packs can overheat, presenting a risk of fire.

Presently (April 2015) 18 incidents have been reported worldwide.


Lithium-Ion laptop batteries for Thinkpad Notepad computers, manufactured for use with ThinkPad notebook computers that shipped between February, 2010 and June, 2012.


What To Do

If you have an affected product, Lenovo will supply a replacement.

Stop using the battery immediately - Until a replacement battery arrives, you should turn off the system, remove the battery, and only power your ThinkPad by plugging in the AC adapter and power cord.

In order to determine whether your battery is affected, please see the Lenovo recall webpage, which also contains further information and FAQs:


Electrical Safety First strongly recommends that anyone who discovers they have an electrical item that has been recalled should stop using it until it has been checked by the manufacturer.

Model numbers

Lithium-Ion batteries supplied with new notebook computers or as optional or replacement batteries between February, 2010 and June, 2012 on the models listed below:

  • Edge 11, Edge 13, Edge 14, Edge 15, Edge 120, Edge 125, Edge 320, Edge 325, Edge 420, Edge 425, Edge 430, Edge 520, Edge 525, Edge 530
  • X200, X201, X200S, X201S, X220, X220T, X100E, X120E, X121E, X130E
  • T410, T420, T510, T520
  • W510, W520
  • L412, L420/421, L512, L520
  • T430 (China and Europe only)
  • X131E  (Australia only)
Recall date 21 Apr 2015
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Brands Lenovo