Wahl Stainless Steel Travel Kettle

03 July 2015


Product can overheat and burn out, presenting a fire hazard


Wahl Stainless Steel Travel Kettle - see image

What To Do

If you have an affected product stop using it immediately.

Please contact the customer helpline on - 01227 740066, the Customer Service team will con­firm whether you have a product from the batch in question and arrange a replacement.

For more information or help to identify your product, please call the Wahl helpline Monday - Friday 8.00am - 5.00pm.

Electrical Safety First recommends that anyone who discovers they have an electrical item that has been recalled should stop using it until it has been checked by the manufacturer.

Model numbers


Models sold between October 2007 and December 2012

Date 03 Jul 2015
Categories Kitchen Appliances
Brands Wahl