UPDATE: Fridges and freezers sold in or before 1994 Recall

06 November 2015


The gradual decay of  part of the starting device of the compressor ( Known as a PTC) can result in a risk of failure and fire under certain circumstances.

This eventuality is presently thought to be particularly high during start-up and/or defrost cycling of the fridges and freezers, when this component may be subject to high demand.

Models affected


Fridges and freezers sold in the UK in or before 1994, fitted with Danfoss compressors.


Electrical Safety First is awaiting further information regarding the makes and models of fridges and freezers affected.




The starting device component of Danfoss compressors fitted to fridges and freezers sold in or before 1994.

Electrical Safety First has been advised by London Fire Brigade that despite the period of time since the sale of these products ceased many are still in use and may be becoming increasingly dangerous with time.

In the period 25th September - 5th November 2015 four serious fires in the London area alone have been attributed to the component fitted to these compressors.

Electrical Safety First is currently awaiting further information from the manufacturer of the compressors.