Hoverboards sold at Red5/Menkind - Updated

22 January 2016


Risk of fire


Airwheel, Flywheels and Smartglider Hoverboards / Balance boards sold by Red5 and Menkind - see images.

What To Do

If you have an affected product please stop using it immediately and return to your nearest Red5 or Menkind store for a full refund.

For any questions please contact Red5 customer services by telephone on

0333 577 7334

or by email at:


For further information see the Red5 webapage at: http://www.red5.co.uk/recall

Electrical Safety First recommends that anyone who discovers they have an electrical item that has been recalled should stop using it until it has been checked by the manufacturer.

Model numbers

Item code 5367 - Flywheels Black

Item code 5368 - Flywheels Red

Item code 5369 - Flywheels White

Item code 5251 - Airwheel Airboard

Item code 4893 - Airwheel X3

Item code 5451 - SmartGlider Cool White

Item code 5452 - SmartGlider Dazzling Red

Item code 5450 - SmartGlider Jet Black

Date 22 Jan 2016
Categories Toys
Brands Airwheel, Flywheels, Smartglider