Sony VAIO Laptop Battery Packs Recall

02 March 2016


Risk of battery packs overheating.

Models affected

Models that may have been sold together with an affected battery pack at time of purchase:

SVE1413 Series

SVE1513 Series

SVE1713 Series  

Models that may have been equipped with an affected battery pack during repair:

SVE1411 Series           SVE1412 Series

SVE1413 Series           SVE14A1 Series

SVE14A2 Series           SVE14A3 Series

SVE1511 Series           SVE1512 Series

SVE1513 Series           SVE1711 Series

SVE1712 Series           SVE1713 Series

VPCCA1 Series            VPCCA2 Series

VPCCA3 Series            VPCCA4 Series

VPCCB1 Series            VPCCB2 Series

VPCCB3 Series            VPCCB4 Series

VPCEH1 Series            VPCEH2 Series

VPCEH3 Series            VPCEJ1 Series            

VPCEJ2 Series             VPCEJ3 Series




VGP-BPS26 battery packs provided by Panasonic and included with VAIO SVE Series personal computers released in October 2012 and certain VAIO personal computers that have been submitted for repair.