ZeniPower mercury-free hearing aid batteries Recall

10 March 2016


Risk of explosion during use or if the battery is depleted.

Models affected

Only batteries with best before dates of ’08-2018’ and ‘09-2018’ are affected.

If you purchased these batteries from NHS Supply Chain, their codes (NPC) are given below:

NPC (England only) Manufacturer product code Description Brand
GHD3582 A675P MF R44 zinc air size 675 for cochlear implants ZeniPower
GHD3583 A675 MF R44 zinc air size 675 ZeniPower
GHD3584 A13 MF R48 zinc air size 13 ZeniPower
GHD3585 A312 MF R41 zinc air size 312 ZeniPower
GHD3586 A10 MF R70 zinc air size 10 ZeniPower

Since 13 January 2016, NHS Supply Chain has received new supplies of batteries, which do not exhibit this problem.


Hearing aid batteries supplied in a plastic blister pack.