Chargeworx USB Wall Charger From GAME Recall

08 May 2018


GAME are recalling these products as they do not meet the required standards and there is a risk of electric shock if handled incorrectly.

Models affected

Models: CX3111BK, CX3111BL, CX3111GN, CX3111WH, CX2602BK, CX2602BL

SKUs: 6877005, 6877013, 6877021, 6877047, 6877237, 6877245

Barcodes: 643620311004, 643620311028, 643620311035, 643620311165, 643620260104, 643620260128


These items were sold in stores between 01/05/2017 and 23/02/2018 in various colours, both individually and as part of a package with a car adaptor. The car adaptor is safe to use.

There have been no reports of injuries or incidents and GAME are taking this action as a precaution.