Sylvania Start Track Spotlight Integral LED Spotlight Recall

30 April 2020


Electric Shock

Models affected

White: 0005422, 0005424, 0005426, 0005428, 0005430, 0005432

Black: 0005423, 0005425, 0005427, 0005429, 0005431, 0005433 

White: 5410288054223, 5410288054247, 5410288054261, 5410288054285, 5410288054308, 5410288054322

Black: 5410288054230, 5410288054254, 5410288054278, 5410288054292, 5410288054315, 5410288054339


The hinged bracket adjusting the position of the head of the product has sharp edges and can trap the live and neutral cables. Consequently, the bracket could cut the insulation of the cables, leaving live parts accessible in contact with the metal housing of the product. The user could touch accessible live parts, increasing the risk electric shock. ; The product does not comply with the requirements of the Low Voltage Directive.

Indoor wall/ceiling class I LED directional spotlight for track mounting, with up to 5000 Lumens and power consumption up to 54 Watts. The product comes in black or white housing and can emit white light in 3000K or 4000K.